About Us

Life's moments are precious, and we seize every opportunity to make them count.
We pioneer immune-based therapies, setting the standard for transformative cancer treatments, providing hope to patients and striving to improve their quality of life.



We Make Standards


We are developing an exosome-based therapeutics targeting refractory solid tumors.
  • R&D + upstream processing

    Research personnel specialized in biopharmaceutical production and quality control

  • QC & downstream processing

    Decision for the modality considering of delivery, versatility and low toxicity, etc.


  • Sunghwan Kim (CEO) @ 인엑소플랫
  • Jungmin Lee (CSO) @ 인엑소플랫
  • Yoonyoung Kim (Director, Research Development) @ 인엑소플랫
  • Jaehwan Lee (Director, Quality Development) @ 인엑소플랫

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